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Silicone Coated Fiberglass Sleeve

Model Number : BI-SSG-Series

Working temperature: 200°C


The material content of the BI-SSG-Series is Non-Alkali Fiberglass Braided then coated with silicone resin and treated in high temperature.


BI-SSG-Series sleeving with its good dielectric strength, flexibility and flame retarding properties make it high performance qualities. It can be widely used in insulated or partially insulated conductors, bus bars, component leads, or assemblies of electrical components etc.

Category Code Category Name Part Code Material BDV Standard Color Standard ID Range
BI-SSG Silicone Coated Fiberglass Sleeve BI-SSG-15 Fiberglass Silicone Coating 1.50 kV White/Black 1 mm – 15 mm
BI-SSG-25 2.50 kV White/Black 1 mm – 15 mm
BI-SSG-40 4.00 kV White/Black 1 mm – 15 mm
BI-SSG-70 7.00 kV White/Black 1 mm – 15 mm
Customized Color & Size available on request & as per mutually agreed MOQ


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